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Dental Care for Your Child in Columbus

It is important for young kids to have a good first experience at the dentist because that will shape their relationship with dentists and their oral hygiene habits. A child’s first visit to a dentist should be once their first teeth begin to erupt. As part of their first visit, we try to create a good relationship with your children and make them feel comfortable and at ease in the office and the dentist’s chair. Most dentists have child-friendly offices, with games, cartoons, and other things to make the atmosphere more welcoming for the children and relaxing during dental procedures.

What Happens On Your Child’s First Visit?

The dentist will then quickly examine your child’s mouth and teeth and may order X-rays to check how the permanent teeth are positioned under the gum lines. The most important thing during these first visits is to educate you and your child on the appropriate cleaning techniques and other good oral hygiene and nutrition habits. Children's Play AreaProtective treatments such as fluoride application or the application of sealants are quick and easy procedures that can help protect your child’s teeth from cavities and bacteria and can last for a few years or until their permanent teeth erupt. As your child’s teeth develop, routine checkups are important because they can help us detect any dental problems at an early state and take preventive or corrective measures. Acting on time can help prevent costly treatments or dental issues escalating to greater dental problems. If your children’s teeth are beginning to erupt, we encourage you to bring them for their first dental checkup. Call us at (614) 758-6522 to schedule an appointment today!

What our patient says

“Visiting Polaris Dental Care is always a treat. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure you feel as though you’re a valued customer. I’ve not experienced a staff as professional, personable, or efficient as those who work on the Polaris Dental Care Team. To say that I’ve been impressed is an understatement. They’re simply the best.”
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