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Partial DenturesWhile dentures were once the standard for tooth replacement, modern dentistry has allowed us to create a variety of alternatives to better suit different lifestyles and preferences. Overdentures or Hybrid Dentures, such as All-on-4, are secured with dental implants and offer more stability than traditional methods. If you’re interested in any type of denture, Polaris Dental Care is here to provide you with the options that are best for you. When it comes to implants, technology matters.  It’s essential to take a 3D CT scan of the jaw, and this requires very specialized equipment.  Fortunately for you, we have a 3D CT Machine installed in 3 of our offices.

Implant Fixed Hybrid Dentures

Implant Hybrid Dentures use dental implants to attach the denture to the jaw. Instead of resting on the gums like a traditional denture, the implants keep it firmly in place. These Implant Fixed Hybrid Dentures stay in your mouth — you do NOT take them out at night! At Polaris Dental Care, we offer implant hybrid dentures because they are a superior choice. Our patients are able to eat with ease and smile much more confidently with Hybrid Dentures. If you’ve lost multiple teeth, Implant Hybrid Dentures restore your smile and will keep your mouth strong and healthy for years to come. Since implants are required its essential that you have enough bone to support the implants.  We will take a CT scan with one of our 3D Digital Cone Beam machines and evaluate your jaw to see if you are a candidate for implants.

What are the Benefits?

For patients missing multiple teeth Implant Hybrid Dentures have become a popular solution due to their multiple long-term benefits.
  • They don’t fall out — By fixing the dentures to the implants and not resting them on the gum tissue, hybrid dentures cause less irritation, and increased comfort and stability.
  • Improved bite strength — Implant Hybrid Dentures can handle tougher foods than regular dentures. Breaking these tougher foods into smaller pieces helps your digestive system, too, which keeps you healthier.
  • Slows bone loss — As your jaw will continue to be active and healthy, bone loss and resorption will usually decrease.
  • Easily cleaned — Hybrid dentures can be cleaned like natural teeth. There will still be necessary dental visits, but your daily routine will not be affected. Unless instructed otherwise, a Waterpik, flossing and brushing are all that is required.

Implant Dentures – Ones that you take in and out

Implant Overdentures are held in place by implants, but they are still taken out at night. Think of them as a cross between Implant Hybrid Dentures and Traditional Dentures. The dentures lock onto implants to hold them in place much better than traditional dentures, so they are more stable and comfortable, and help you chew more easily. Since implants are involved we will definitely need to take a 3D Xray image with one of our CT Scanners and evaluate your bone quality to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

What are the benefits?

As implant-retained overdentures usually need fewer implants, more patients are eligible for the treatment. Other benefits include:
  • More affordable treatment — The limited number of necessary implants keeps costs lower for overdentures. They are normally less than half the price of Implant Hybrid Dentures.
  • Easier adjustments — Overdentures can be relined to fit your changing tissue and bone, and are maintained like regular dentures.
  • Replaceable parts — Parts are replaceable and adjustable. They can be removed for cleaning or sleeping, and are more secure than traditional dentures.

Traditional Dentures

While modern technology and dental breakthroughs have largely surpassed traditional dentures, they are still an effective treatment for some patients with missing teeth. Dentures have also improved over the years and are no longer the crude, clunky, fake teeth that they’re assumed to be. Custom dentures are now readily available, and they comfortably fit both upper and lower jaws. Most prosthetics are made of acrylic or porcelain to match the color and shape of natural teeth. They are also removable for cleaning and sleeping. Still, despite the improvements made, there are limitations:
  • Because they rely on only your gums and bone, they will not be as stable as Hybrid Dentures or Overdentures.
  • Traditional dentures are cheaper than their alternatives but have to be replaced much sooner. Bone levels will still change, and changes to jaw alignment mean you’ll have to switch-out your dentures every 5-7 years.
  • Your gums take most of the impact of chewing with dentures.
  • The changes in your jaw and teeth from bone atrophy will eventually affect your face, causing minimal facial structure changes that can worsen over time.
  • Dentures that are not secured can cause an unnatural clacking or smacking sound when eating or speaking.

In need of large-scale tooth replacement? Consult our Polaris Dental team immediately!

At our locations in and around Columbus, we offer the best quality denture care available. With our experienced staff and state-of-the-art technology, you’ll never need to worry about your treatment. Our team will walk you through your options and provide our honest recommendations on what will be the best solution for you. Don’t let tooth loss hold you back from good oral hygiene. If you’re in or near the Columbus, Grandview or London/Springfield areas, call one of our Polaris locations to book an appointment today! Grandview: (614) 461-3150, 887 W 3rd Ave, Columbus, OH 43212 Columbus: (614) 505-7027, 2023 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240 Dublin: (937) 420 Metro Place S, Ste B, Dublin OH 43017.

What our patient says

“Visiting Polaris Dental Care is always a treat. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure you feel as though you’re a valued customer. I’ve not experienced a staff as professional, personable, or efficient as those who work on the Polaris Dental Care Team. To say that I’ve been impressed is an understatement. They’re simply the best.”
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