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Serving Dental Implant Patients in Westerville, Grandview, and Dublin, OH

Dental ImplantWhen we lose teeth, not only our appearance is affected, but it can also affect the bone, tissues and nearby teeth, which is why dental implants are one of the best restorative solutions to missing teeth. Dental implants are small abutments made out of titanium and act as the foundation or root for a replacement tooth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or provide full mouth restorations. A few implants can hold bridges or dentures in place and provide greater stability and functionality to your mouth as well as help improve your appearance.

How Are Implants Fitted?

  • Your doctor will examine your teeth and X-rays to determine if you are a candidate for dental implants (bone grafts or other dental procedures might be needed before to make sure your implants will be successful)
  • Once approved, the implants are surgically screwed into your jawbone under the gum line and allowed to bond with the bone for three to six months
  • Once the bonding occurs, the abutments are uncovered and replacement teeth attached to the implant.
Your replacement teeth will feel and look just like your natural teeth, with good oral hygiene and good care, implants can last you for decades. However, if a tooth gets chipped, fractured, broken or suffers another type of damage you should visit your dentist for an implant restoration, to restore the look and functionality of your implant.

Missing One or More Teeth?

Dental implants might be the best option for you to regain functionality and restore the beauty of your smile. Call us to schedule an appointment today to see if you are a good candidate for dental implants or if you need an implant restoration! We have three locations for your convenience: Columbus (near Westerville on Polaris Parkway), Grandview (Downtown Columbus), and Dublin, OH.

What our patient says

“My wife and I spent a long time looking for a good dentist and are very happy to have found Polaris Dental. The staff is always personal and friendly. We’ve never waited in the lobby for more than a few minutes. Most importantly, the dental work is fast and painless and we have never felt like we received an unnecessary procedure. Also, they are very straightforward about expenses. They work with our insurance company and discuss with us before incurring any extra costs. Highly recommended.”
Polaris Dental Care
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