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Maintaining good oral hygiene is important because it keeps your teeth and mouth healthy. However, it is recommended that you have professional dental cleanings and checkups twice a year, to keep on top of your dental health. Routine checkups are also helpful in detecting dental issues at an early stage, which helps treat them faster and avoid serious dental problems. Professional cleanings can help remove any buildup of plaque or tartar that your daily brushing and flossing cannot get to.

What is A Professional Dental Cleaning?

A professional dental cleaning is done by a certified dental hygienist. The procedure includes:

  • Removal of tartar and plaque buildup
  • Rinsing the mouth to remove residues
  • Polishing the teeth with special toothbrush and paste to remove any stains present
  • Applying fluoride or dental sealants if needed

What Does a Routine Checkup Consist of?

  • Oral cancer screening, checking for abnormal lumps on your neck or abnormal mouth sores or growths on your tongue, cheeks or lips
  • Checking bite position to correct overbites or underbites
  • Gum tissue examination to detect gingivitis or other gum related diseases
  • X-rays or other exams in case problems are detected or further examination is needed
  • Referral if other dental treatments are necessary

Don’t let more than six months pass between professional cleanings or routine checkups, it can make a difference in your dental and overall health. Good oral hygiene is also strongly recommended, as it prevents the emergence of serious dental problems.

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“Dr. Khan is very friendly and honest. He was interested in recommending what was best for me. The dental hygienist gave me great info before I even saw the dentist. And the receptionist was friendly that we ended up chatting. Great experience. I will recommend.”

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